Property investment is a continuously changing landscape. Because so many variables influence future decisions, it’s critical to nail down the foundations early on. While planning and understanding the finances are important, the first thing investors should think about when selecting a property is the tenant’s needs. Rudn enclave is one of the best options to invest.

Your buy-to-let property is more vulnerable to void periods if there isn’t continuous tenant demand, which may be detrimental across a more extensive portfolio. What you believe tenants want in a rental property and what tenants wish to can be very different, so staying on top of these concerns is critical, especially in 2022.

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Tenant expectations change over time, but since the pandemic forced everyone indoors, renters demand more from their homes. What are tenants looking for in a rental property in 2022, from open-plan living to pet-friendly homes?

Spaces for Working from Home

If the epidemic has taught us anything, flexible working is a huge success. Remote working has become the ‘standard’ for many organizations due to multiple national lockdowns, and it appears to be here to stay. Tenants naturally prioritize larger homes now that they have more chances to work from home.

Renters request additional rooms for home office spaces and greater space to achieve a healthier work/life balance. This is especially important for full-time remote workers who need a separation between work and home — after all, no one wants to work, relax, and sleep in the same area.

Outdoor Areas

Tenants are looking for more room both inside and out, prioritizing residences with outdoor areas. This need arose from the United Kingdom’s first national lockdown, which saw the entire country confined to their homes during one of the hottest summers ever recorded. Lockdown was extended summer vacation for individuals on furlough programs with access to a garden. However, residents who did not have access to a park or any other outdoor space had a very different experience with the lockdown.

As a result, rental houses in these different areas are in higher demand, resulting in a 204 percent increase in the number of searches for properties with terraces. Even though lockdowns appear to be a distant memory compared to pre-pandemic periods, we’re still spending a lot more time at home, especially for those who work flexibly. It’s important examining the costs and potential of properties with balconies or public spaces for investors considering buy-to-let in 2022.

Links to Public Transportation

Despite the development of flexible working, many companies are increasingly returning employees to the workplace. As Pakistan continues to ‘live with Covid,’ we see more organizations – particularly those in city centers – introduce extra office days to maintain company culture and encourage teamwork.

For most staff, office work was an afterthought after spending the last two years in some lockdown. As a result, more tenants are opting for a quieter lifestyle. This emphasizes the importance of transportation linkages, as tenants seek the best of both worlds: calm, suburban living within commuting distance of a city center.

Open-Plan Living

Modern homes are becoming a significant demand among Pakistan tenants as more new construction residences dominate the market. More often than not, all of these homes have one thing in common: open-plan living. Open-plan living can make a home appear much larger, whether it’s a large kitchen/diner or a vast kitchen with a showpiece island.

There are many factors to consider when buying a buy-to-let home, but one of the most crucial is having a good understanding of what tenants want. When it comes down to it, renters make a rental property successful, so understanding the differences between renting out your buy-to-let and void periods is critical.

Tenant needs are constantly changing, but they have shifted dramatically in the last two years. Knowing what renters want in pet-friendly houses, open-plan spaces, and outdoor areas will help you make better decisions while looking for the best places to invest in 2022. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is one of these best places in 2022.

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